Utilities & Account Management

Frustrated with your water and electricity accounts?

The utility space in South Africa provides a fast amount of frustration to all property owners, so much so that nearly 92% of all South African utility suppliers are in debt. This alone provides a unique problem to the utility industry and ongoing frustration for all South Africans.

One of the key frustrations that ASAP Properties focuses on would be the property consumption data and billing strategies. When looking at this process in the current state the consumption data in property are captured in a manual form and with this, it only gets captured on periodic periods of time thus allowing for inaccurate data

The inaccurate data and the way the data is captured allows for 90% of the billing processes within the council infrastructure to be based on estimations and causing frustrations for each property owner, seeing that the billing is not done on accurate consumption.

The end user (property owners) does not have any access to data (either historical or current) data within the consumption period, thus have now auditable process to follow when looking into the billing issues they are experiencing.

Try Cloud Utility Meters With Asap

We at ASAP Properties supply our customers with second-to-none self-service access to their utility information with state of the art meter and smart meter consumption information accessed through the ASAP Customer Portal.

The solutions are designed to work on all property types (residential and commercial).

With focus on customer engagement – our portal allows customers to view usage data that helps them make beneficial, cost-saving decisions on how and when they use their utilities. The infrastructure also ensures that accurate meter readings are captured on live feed, allowing all clients to be billed on accurate readings eliminating estimated billing.

With consumption readings from our intelligent meter reading devices & network (in the cloud), customers gain easy access to detailed data, patterns and insight into how much water, electricity, gas or other utilities they are using.

Once collected, this data can be:
• Displayed via interactive consumption charts across all platforms from the ASAP Portal dashboard.
• Charted and downloaded using the expert reporting format for customer’s personal needs.
• Helpful to customers to view all metered usage in a forecasted and historical data set.

The ASAP infrastructure also allows the client to tap into the “Leak Detection” module that will act as an early warning for possible leaks within the property.

This system will provide clients with lead insight to:
• Possible leak warnings via (SMS, Email & Customer Portal Notifications)
• Leak values for the period visible on the customer portal
• Integrated data information for insurance claims

We pride ourselves on being the main utilities management company that does all this and more. With us, all clients don’t have to worry about their council account as we manage each account to the full. No more council account problems, billing issues, meter reading discrepancies, estimations or disconnection notices.

The ASAP Management process caters for privately owned free-standing properties, complexes, industrial parks, commercial property, and shopping centres, saving money and resources are critical goals. ASAP Utility Management provides each client with accurate information and advice on their utilities, from energy to water and waste. Our expertise and service implementation is what every client needs to reduce utility costs, improve efficiency, lower expenses and enhance accurate billing from council and utility suppliers.

With our device installed and collected are in the cloud

• Monthly Property Utilities Meter Reading on Consumption and Status Data (Done via our cloud network architecture)
• Monthly Property Municipal Billing Audits.
• Monthly Property Utility Meter Reading Consumption Submission to (Council/Municipality or Eskom) (submissions are done by means of Electronic data file)
• Accurate Property Municipal Billing Conformation After Submission of Property Meter Reading Data (Client SMS and E-mail functionality)
• Property Utility Consumption Tracking on a monthly basis.
• Elimination of sliding scale billing and estimations.
• Monthly client feedback on Municipal Billing Status and Accounts.

The ASAP Management solution allows us to focus on the larger segment which is the residential side of the utility consumer market. With this said we still cater for the commercial side of things as the scope allows us to implement our solution for any and all properties within South Africa. The ASAP solution is one of a kind designed on the backbone of sophisticated cloud technology, that allows us to capture all Utility consumption data from a property, transfer the data into a cloud on a live feed 24/7 365 days a year and report on it during any stage of the process. With this, the data becomes available to all end users that have access to the ASAP portal, where they can view the data per property and have access to all the auditable information for their own use.

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